Sections & Committees

CCBA Sections

The Collin County Bar Assocation (CCBA) offers continuing legal education to its members through monthly meetings (except December and June) where topics of general interest to all members are presented and through annual seminars and section meetings focused on particular areas of law.

General membership meetings and Section meeting dates and location are published on the CCBA Event Calendar.

Section dues enable the Section to provide presentation materials to attendees and an honorarium to speakers, and to fund other section events. While only Section members will receive the free MCLE credit, we encourage non-members to come visit Section meetings to learn and build relationships.

To receive e-mail reminders of section meetings and other section events, add the section dues to your CCBA membership

For additional information, contact 


Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Attorney Dads 

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Attorney Moms 

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Civil Litigation & Appellate Law 

The Civil Litigation & Appellate Law Section has built a strong core group of regular attendees at our monthly meetings and has an exciting lineup of speakers planned. Section dues are $25.00 per attorney.

Corporate Counsel

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney. 

Criminal Law

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.


Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Estate Planning & Probate

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Family Law

Section dues are $20.00 per attorney.

Juvenile Law

The Juvenile Law Section co-hosts a full day and a half day long seminar with the 417th Judicial District Court, McKinney, Texas. Section dues are $20.00 per attorney.

Labor & Employment Law

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Real Estate

Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Solo & Small Firm

The Solo & Small Firm Section's monthly meetings feature roundtable discussions and MCLE related to the business aspects of law practice such as office technology options, malpractice avoidance, choice of business entity, and marketing your practice using social media. Section dues are $15.00 per attorney.

Young Lawyers

The Young Lawyers Section is for lawyers under the age of 39. Section dues are $20.00 per attorney. 

Legal Professionals Membership

The Legal Professionals membership is for paralegals, legal assistants and contract administrators to provide local options for networking and obtaining continuing education credit for certification. Dues are $30.00.  


CCBA Committees

CCBA has various committees. For more information on a committee, contact

Bar Association Recognition Committee


Based on feedback from directors attending a state-wide bar association conference, the CCBA formed a Bar Association Promotion committee to research recognition opportunities in the form of awards and grants available through the State Bar of Texas.


General Meeting MCLE Speaker Committee 


The General Meeting CLE Speaker Committee is charged with planning MCLE programs for the general membership.


Community Outreach Committee


The Community Outreach committee organizes volunteer opportunities for CCBA members with Collin County non-profit organizations such as a Food Pantry, and Legal Aid of Northwest Texas Legal Clinics. 


Interested in volunteering at a Legal Aid of Northwest Texas Legal Clinic? E-mail Jan Kearney, Pro Bono Project Coordinator, or call her at 972-542-9405.


Holiday Party Committee


The Holiday Party Committee plans CCBA's annual Holiday Party which is held in December.


Judiciary Committee


The Judiciary Committee is the CCBA's point of contact with the Judiciary in Collin County. The Committe conducts and publishes a judicial preference poll or a judicial evaluation poll depending on election campaign periods.


Mentoring Committee




Mock Trial Committee




Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee proposes a slate of officers and directors of the CCBA at least sixty (60) days before the CCBA annual meeting. This Committee consists of the Vice President of the CCBA as Chair, the Immediate Past President, and a representative of each Section chosen by the Section's Chair as set forth in the Section's Bylaws. 

Social Media/Website


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Sponsorship Committee


The Sponsorship committee develops and maintains relationships with individuals, businesses, and  law firms in the Collin County area who are interested in the unique promotional opportunties offered to them by underwriting or sponsoring CCBA events.  Contact