Corporate Counsel Section Meeting

Date: Thursday, September 9, 2021
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Speaker: Shawn Tuma
Speaker: Shawn TUma, Spencer Fane LLP


Topic: Why Incident Response Planning is Critical: Timeline and Lifecycle of Responding to a Ransomware Attack


This session will discuss the lifecycle of a ransomware attack and address key phases such as: how they happen, what the process is for recovery and investigation, and what can be done ahead of time to prepare for and hopefully prevent them from happening.


It is now clear that every company is at risk of a cyber-attack no matter how diligent and  sophisticated they are at cybersecurity. Most recognize that such an attack requires a technical response but do not realize that there are legal and business issues that must be addressed as part of the incident response process. One of the most important  factors in getting this right is to prepare for it ahead of time. In this session Shawn Tuma, a cyber incident response attorney who leads companies through this process every day, will explain what it is like to go through this process and identify the most important things he wishes his clients knew before their incident and what actionable steps they can take now to prepare their companies for such an event.


Credit: 1 hour MCLE participatory credit, .25 hour ethics credit.

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